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Straight Flange for Deep Speaker

Straight Flange for Deep Speaker

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Product information "Straight Flange for Deep Speaker"

This flange is ideal for mounting the DEEP SPEAKERS MAXHAUST. The speaker can also be mounted upright with the help of the flange.
A straight contact surface for the flange on the floor panel must be provided.
If there is no opening in the floor panel, it may be necessary to drill a hole in the vehicle.

What is in the box:

- 1x Straight Flange
- 4x drilling screws
- 2x locking screws


We recommend the following tool in addition to the flange:

  • Hand-held cartridge gun for adhesive sealant cartridge
  • Adhesive sealant cartridge for indoor installation
  • Hole saw HSS 60mm or 83mm with spindle


  • DEEP SPEAKER MAXHAUST (as in picture) is not part of this item!- This set is suitable for indoor installation as well as outdoor installation. Sheet metal work may be necessary.
  • For professional installation, please ask a specialist workshop or one of our installation partners.
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