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Soundmodul V4 incl. Active Sound License

Soundmodul V4 incl. Active Sound License

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Product information "Soundmodul V4 incl. Active Sound License”

Maxhaust once again sets a new milestone in active sound. The new MAXHAUST SOUNDMODULE is outstanding in every way.
Different sounds, authentic and unique!
Unlimited possibilities of settings, exceptional quality, MADE IN GERMANY.

Control and profile setting
- Create different profiles
- Profile change takes place:
◦ Via smartphone app
◦ Via original vehicle buttons, e.g. cruise control, ESP, etc. (depends on vehicle type)
◦ About accelerator pedal position (kickdown)**

1x Sound module
1x Cable set B
1x Active Sound Licence


  • Soundmodul V4 incl. Active Sound License only works with our MAXHAUST Bridge V4
  • For professional installation, please ask a specialist workshop or one of our installation partners.
  • The retrofit can changes the noise emissions of the vehicle dramatical and is not permitted in road traffic in some states! Some jurisdictions regulate or prohibit use of this device. You are solely responsible for complying with applicable laws. The use is at your own risk.
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