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ACTIVE SOUND "Stage One PLUS CS i8" incl. High-Tone Booster and Custom Sounds License made for BMW i8

ACTIVE SOUND "Stage One PLUS CS i8" incl. High-Tone Booster and Custom Sounds License made for BMW i8

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Product information "Stage One PLUS BMW i8” incl. BRIDGE, High Tone Booster and CUSTOM SOUNDS License

The Maxhaust system simulates a large-volume engine (V6/V8) via the existing deep speaker and the High Tone Booster coming with the set, gives your BMW i8 a special sound characteristic that cannot be achieved with a standard exhaust system, incl. back/misfire if you want!
The “PLUS CS” package includes also our High Tone Booster for extreme crisp backfires and the Custom Sounds license which enables you to assign different sounds (e.g. train horn, sirens, laser sound and many more) to different actions (e.g. locking, unlocking, honking, …)
- Perfect sound controllable via the own Maxhaust app and in parallel via the original vehicle buttons.
- Diagnosis via app for a problem-free installation.
- Easy and individual adaptation to the vehicle.

Control and profile setting
- Create different profiles
- Profile change takes place:
◦ Via smartphone app
◦ Via original vehicle buttons, e.g. cruise control, ESP, etc. (depends on vehicle type)
◦ About accelerator pedal position (kickdown)**

1x Bridge
1x High Speaker
1x Sound module
1x cable set A
1x cable set B
1x Active Sound License
1x Custom Sounds License

Mounting kit
2x CanBus connector
4x Power cable for connection to fuse box

- iOS: Free Bridge app available in the Apple App Store
- Android: Free Bridge app available in the Google Store


  • For professional installation, please ask a experienced mechanic or one of our installation partners.
  • The retrofit can changes the noise emissions of the vehicle dramatical and is not permitted in road traffic in some states! Some jurisdictions regulate or prohibit use of this device. You are solely responsible for complying with applicable laws. The use is at your own risk.
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