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Vibration Speaker

Vibration Speaker

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Product information "Vibration Speaker"

The vibration speaker is ingeniously engineered to transform the engine hood into a resonant sound body. This innovative design not only deepens the sound quality but also enhances the sensory experience. It simulates the feel of a powerful engine through its vibrations, creating a dynamic and immersive auditory experience. Interestingly, even water droplets on the hood will visibly respond to these vibrations!

What is in the box:
- 1x Vibration Speaker

Mounting kit included:
- bracket
- screws

If this SPEAKER is used as an additional third or fourth loudspeaker, you need the cable set for loudspeakers 3 and 4. This is not included!

  • This set is suitable for outdoor installation only. Sheet metal work may be necessary.
  • For professional installation, please ask a specialist workshop or one of our installation partners.
  • The retrofit can changes the noise emissions of the vehicle dramatical and is not permitted in road traffic in some states! Some jurisdictions regulate or prohibit use of this device. You are solely responsible for complying with applicable laws. The use is at your own risk.
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